what is competency based learning

What Is Competency-Based Learning for Educators?

What is competency-based learning? Unlike traditional professional development models, in competency-based learning, learners demonstrate their mastery of a specific subject. This approach is significant in fostering effective teaching practices, especially compared to other professional learning methods. Competency-based learning places the learner at the forefront, enabling them to learn at their own pace. Their comprehension is assessed by demonstrating their mastery of the subject matter.

There are many ways to integrate competency-based education into professional learning, but MobileMind's customizable micro-courses and learning paths enable school districts to do so the most effectively. Let's explore competency-based learning and how it enhances educators' efficiency, leading to a dynamic and successful learning environment.

What Is Competency-Based Learning for Educators?

In contrast to the typical one-size-fits-all learning model, competency-based learning offers a fresh take on professional development in that it’s a more personalized, flexible, and effective route. Let's uncover the key elements that make this methodology beneficial for educators, thus setting the stage for a deeper understanding of its role in transforming professional development.

How Competency-Based Learning Differs from Traditional Methods

Competency-based learning is unique in that it provides a practical, hands-on experience customized to the learner's skills and needs, which can be immediately applied. When utilized in professional development settings, educators are not just passive recipients of information; they can actively engage in learning competencies and strategies that can be directly and immediately applied in the classroom.

Benefits of Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning has a significant advantage in terms of its immediate and hands-on impact. It enables educators to apply practical skills and knowledge to improve teaching methods more effectively. After focusing on real-world applications, teachers can quickly implement their learning into their teaching, leading to more engaging and effective lessons. Competency-based learning can also help educators become more agile and responsive in their teaching strategies, benefiting students through more personalized and impactful learning experiences.

Importance of Feedback

Feedback is essential for all learning. However, for competency-based learning, it plays a crucial function in its effectiveness. Unlike traditional methods, where feedback can be generic and infrequent, competency-based learning ensures that educators receive specific, actionable feedback customized to their individual learning progress. This can help educators understand their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a better learning experience.

Personalized Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning marks a significant shift from traditional teaching methods in that it celebrates individual learning abilities and skills rather than focusing on a uniform approach. Educators can engage with learning content at their own pace, personalized to their unique skill set and career goals, while addressing their specific needs and gaps.

Furthermore, by aligning professional development with personal competencies, educators can better apply what they learn in real time to enhance teaching effectiveness and improve student outcomes.

How MobileMind Improves Competency-Based Learning for Educators

MobileMind facilitates competency-based learning through its activity-based micro-courses, where educators can demonstrate their competency in specific skills, thus ensuring that learning is engaging and measurable. MobileMind's learning hub and tracking tools are transforming professional development for educators and student outcomes.

MobileMind Guided Learning

MobileMind revolutionizes professional development by integrating its guided learning technology with a competency-based approach. Its unique feature offers step-by-step, in-context training within the educators' technology (e.g., Google Slides).

More than just instruction, it challenges educators to apply what they learn by creating usable classroom materials, ensuring that they master each skill. MobileMind’s method allows for immediate competency assessment, providing a clear, real-time indication of skill acquisition and understanding.

Demonstration of Competency

MobileMind’s approach to professional development emphasizes demonstrating skills through hands-on training. Instead of passive learning, teachers can actively apply what they've learned through direct interaction via the learning hub. They can implement and demonstrate their competency in real time. Empowering educators to take control of their learning process will solidify their understanding and further their confidence to demonstrate newly acquired skills.

Personalized Learning

MobileMind takes significant steps to enhance competency-based learning. For example, it offers personalized micro-courses, a versatile solution for diverse training needs. Districts can create custom courses or adopt and adapt micro-courses from the MobileMind Community. Customizable PD facilitates effective and relevant professional development.

Above all, MobileMind's personalized training saves time and maximizes the impact of competency-based learning, ensuring that educators receive focused, practical information that aligns with their professional growth.

Tracking and Reporting

MobileMind's tracking and reporting capabilities are integral to enhancing competency-based learning. The learning hub enables district leaders to monitor and report on professional learning activities, providing real-time insights into educators' progress, including continuing education hours, badges earned, and courses completed.

Access to prompt and effective feedback fosters a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, reinforcing the real-time application of skills that are essential in competency-based learning.


A competency-based learning approach can help educators master specific skills by catering to different learning abilities. MobileMind is a professional learning hub that facilitates a more engaging and practical learning experience and enables educators to apply and demonstrate their competencies directly in real-world classroom settings. Districts can fully utilize competency-based learning, improving teaching practices and enhancing student achievement.

MobileMind’s micro courses offer bite-sized learning opportunities that take minutes to complete without leaving the classroom and offer better time management. Schedule a call with MobileMind or request a demo to help ease teacher workflow and retain top talent with improved professional learning opportunities!