Kami and MobileMind Partner to Provide Kami PD in MobileMind's Learning Hub

This partnership offers Kami training at no extra cost to MobileMind customers.

MobileMind has partnered with Kami to offer districts free, innovative Professional Learning opportunities. This partnership features thirteen unique Learning Paths, such as Boosting Engagement and Empowerment with Kami and Kami for Accessibility, designed to transform classrooms into dynamic, interactive, and inclusive spaces. Additionally, educators can earn eighteen new Kami digital badges, exclusively available through MobileMind.

These Learning Paths and micro-credentials, including Kami for the K-3 Primary Crowd and Kami for Multi-Language Learners, cater to diverse educational needs, ensuring all learners benefit from personalized learning experiences. Quick, actionable courses like Kami Quick Tips and Kami Kickstart empower educators to seamlessly integrate Kami’s tools into their daily teaching practices.

For existing MobileMind customers, this training is available in ReadyMade Marketplace from your HQ Dashboard. If you are not using MobileMind and would like to learn more about streamlining all of your district training, visit mobilemind.io to discover more and schedule a professional learning consultation.